What’s new with COAR-Notify and DSpace?

There are major updates about COAR Notify in the DSpace and DSpace-CRIS platforms.  From June 21st , 2024, DSpace 8 is available to the public with many major updates, one of which is the implementation of the COAR NOTIFY Protocol. Its implementation has been...

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DSpace 8 is now available!

    DSpace 8 is now available!  Are you ready to explore the newest DSpace update?  The latest version of the world’s most widely used software for institutional repositories, DSpace 8, is finally here! We at 4Science are leading the DSpace community and are very...

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The Barcelona declaration on Open Research Information

4Science supports and always supported the Research Information Management System realm thanks to the development and support of DSpace-CRIS, the first free and Open-Source extension of DSpace tailored for research output. That is why we welcome with great excitement...

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4Science at the DSpace Praxistreffen conference

4Science on April 4th and 5th participated at the DSpace Praxistreffen conference in Mainz, Germany. The Praxistreffen conference has always been a great event for DSpace and DSpace-CRIS enthusiast to get together and discuss the future of DSpace and DSpace-CRIS. The...

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4Science’s support beyond the DSpace community

At 4Science, our dedication to advancing open science goes beyond the DSpace community. We actively collaborate with various communities to drive progress and innovation.  As a Platinum Certified Provider of DSpace, our commitment to the platform goes beyond mere...

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Celebrating Progress: DSpace 2023 Annual Report Highlights

Dear Readers,  We're thrilled to share the highlights of the DSpace 2023 annual report, showcasing the progress made over the past year in advancing open scholarly infrastructure.  At 4Science, we're proud to have played a significant role as a leader contributor in...

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The legality rating of 4Science ★++

The legality rating is a synthetic indicator of companies' compliance with high standards of legality. It takes the form of a score between a minimum of one and a maximum of three 'stars'. The applicant enterprise obtains the basic score ★ if it meets all the...

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