Our highly experienced and qualified team has supported a wide range of organisations, including educational, cultural, academic, governmental, international, and private sector entities, throughout the different phases of digital projects and programmes. We guarantee project effectiveness and full compliance with international methodological and scientific standards.

For each of our solutions, we provide a set of services that can be tailored to meet your requirements perfectly.

Installation & Configuration

We can install, deploy and configure the software of your choice on your infrastructure, supporting your IT staff or managing the whole process on our own.
The presentation layer can be configured according to the desired look-and-feel.
To populate your new environment we can retrieve information from an older repository, a legacy database or from external services such as bibliographic databases, or map existing data into new formats.

Maintenance & Helpdesk

At 4Science we take care of your issues, from urgencies such as security or outage problems to functional failures, from database to configuration changes, from new requirements to simple helpdesk questions.

We provide different levels of maintenance, according to your needs and budget

Support ticketing and Helpdesk

Assistance can also be purchased as packages or pay-per-use deals (e.g. 50-hour or 100-hour packages).

The support-ticketing system, based on Jira Service Desk, an ITIL-certified system by Atlassian, makes it easy to request help, track progress on issues, monitor usage and produce reporting.

Real-time chat and remote video call system are also available to solve the most urgent and/or complex issues.

Consultancy and Training

Our experts, project managers and engineers are the right consultants to support the analysis of your requirements, the design of specifications, and the planning and management of your project.

Both on-site training and remote interactive session hosted on our professional Video Conference System can be organized to fit at best to your schedule and budget.


We offer different hosting options, all secure and scalable.

Application management and database management are performed in trustworthy cloud environments (e.g.: Amazon AWS).

SaaS solutions are also available where customers are the only owners of the data and their configurations.

If you already have your cloud provider, we will work with you to support the project on the environment of your choice.

Advanced services

System integration

We can integrate your new solution with several other systems in your institution via APIs or other models: human resource software, Ongoing Projects, Student Careers, Awards, Community services, OJS/OMP etc.

Software customization

We provide analysis, design and development of software customizations to implement new features and services or to modify existing ones. All customizations are then proposed to the open-source software Community to reduce your future maintenance costs.


The solutions we provide can easily work with your LDAP, Active Directory, Single Sign On solutions (like for example CAS or Shibboleth). Authorization rules can be inherited from your systems.

Reporting & analytics

Multidimensional analysis and bibliometric information turn your data into information and information into knowledge.

The DataMart can be shared with your existent Data Warehouse infrastructure to provide comprehensive analysis.

Long Term Preservation (LTP)

Your data are too valuable to get lost.

The solutions we offer are compliant with the Open Archival Information System Reference Model (OAIS) and we have several options to enhance the LTP reliability and differentiate the LTP strategy, using a variety of options.

Prices vary depending on the solution adopted and the level of customization.

For a detailed quotation, please contact us: