4Science supports and always supported the Research Information Management System realm thanks to the development and support of DSpace-CRIS, the first free and Open-Source extension of DSpace tailored for research output.

That is why we welcome with great excitement the news of the Barcelona Declaration on Open Research Information. The declaration says: β€œThe research information landscape requires fundamental change. The signatories of the Barcelona Declaration on Open Research Information commit to taking a lead in transforming the way research information is used and produced. openness of information about the conduct and communication of research must be the new norm.”

The commitments and pillars that the declaration highlighted are:

🌐 We will make openness the default for the research information we use and produce

πŸ”” We will work with services and systems that support and enable open research information

🌏 We will support the sustainability of infrastructures for open research information

πŸ” We will support collective action to accelerate the transition to openness of research information

At 4Science as a Certified Platinum Provider, lead contributor to the DSpace community worldwide, and leader in Open Science solutions, we believe that this declaration is a great milestone in the progress of Open Science, and it will help to lead the way in the changes that we want to see in the Research Ecosystem where solutions can be open FAIR and secure.

To learn more: https://lnkd.in/emekFAFv

To learn more about DSpace-CRIS: https://lnkd.in/gmntGnjJ

πŸ’‘ Stay tuned as we are working on a webinar for you about this great announcement!