DSpace 8 is now available! 

Are you ready to explore the newest DSpace update? 

The latest version of the world’s most widely used software for institutional repositories, DSpace 8, is finally here! We at 4Science are leading the DSpace community and are very happy about this exciting update! 

You don’t know us yet? 

We at 4Science have always been at the forefront of open science and repository innovation. Our commitment and contributions to earlier DSpace versions fromthe very first to DSpace 7 have not stopped, and we have built on this foundation to offer even more with DSpace 8. 

We have worked hard to bring you the best new features: 4Science’s key contributions to DSpace 8: 

OpenAIRE Data Correction: optimize your research data management with automatic corrections that ensure OpenAIRE compliance. 

OpenAIRE Publication Claim: Enable researchers to claim and manage their publications, improving the accuracy and visibility of institutional research outputs. 

COAR Notify Protocol: Real-time notifications according to the standards of the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR). 

Request Withdrawal or Reinstatement (in partnership with the California Digital Library): Simplify the process of managing content changes and ensure your repository remains dynamic and up-to-date. 

Improved “Primary Bitstream” Management: Improve the delivery of digital content with more intuitive and effective primary bitstream management tools. 

ROR – Research Organization Registry Integration: Seamlessly link research outputs to organizational identities to improve metadata accuracy and discoverability. 

Are you as excited as much as we are? 

We are leaders in innovation and excellence and our commitment to advancing DSpace and Open Science is reflected in the hours and features we provide not only to the DSpace platform, but to the entire Open Science world.  

We care about you! That is why 4Science is committed to supporting the diverse needs of institutions worldwide. The release of DSpace 8 is a testament to our continued efforts to drive Open Science innovation. 

A thank you to the DSpace community 

It is important to thank the global DSpace community for their support and contributions. It is your dedication and hard work that has made this milestone possible. We are honored to play a leading role in the ongoing development of DSpace and the broader Open Science ecosystem. 

As we continue to innovate, our mission remains clear: to provide institutions with the best tools to manage their digital collections, promote open access, and advance scholarly communication. 

👉 Learn more about DSpace 8: Try out DSpace 8 – DSpace – LYRASIS Wiki