4Science on April 4th and 5th participated at the DSpace Praxistreffen conference in Mainz, Germany. The Praxistreffen conference has always been a great event for DSpace and DSpace-CRIS enthusiast to get together and discuss the future of DSpace and DSpace-CRIS. The conference was rich of great presentations and working groups. 4Science presented a workshop about DSpace-CRIS. The workshop updated the community about the latest progress of DSpace-CRIS

During the workshop we highlighted the new features and enhancements of DSpace-CRIS 7 2023.02.X releases, including:

  • the integration of ROR (the OrgUnit Identifier)
  • enhancement of the ORCID integration with the improved ORCID login flow (thanks to TUHH contribution)
  • Implemented GDPR-compliant metrics integration (thanks to HSU contribution)
  • DataCite schema version update (v. 4)
  •  ItemEnhancer improvements
  •  and many others….

These events are what the DSpace community is all about: innovation, openness, and a shared vision of the future.  

Take a look at our workshop slides and agenda here: DSpace-CRIS Praxistreffen Workshop 05.04.2024 (1)