We care 4 the environment


At 4Science we work with our community to enable open-source sophisticated research information&data management and cultural heritage solutions that are sustainable for the environment and the employees. We advocate for accelerating the digital transformation of today for a more sustainable world of tomorrow.  

4Science's solutions aim to respect the environment by providing sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions...

…so that Clients can have the best solutions tailored to their needs while respecting the environment. 

4Science is committed to corporate responsibility, which includes reducing our environmental impact. We strive to make environmentally friendly choices, such as remote work and using green energy solutions for hosting. By choosing 4Science, institutions can partner with a company that is committed to creating a sustainable future for everyone.

4Science sustains remote work for its employees:   

  • Remote work helps reduce our company’s footprint. Working from home avoids the commute to work, which saves not only time but also transportation costs. Lesser commuters eventually result in lower greenhouse gas emissions.   
  • Reduced impact on infrastructure: Infrastructure maintenance costs are reduced since there are fewer vehicles on the road, there are fewer traffic jams, and there is less pollution from gasoline-powered engines.  
  • Reduces waste for office spaces: Energy is heavily used in large offices. Due to fewer individuals working in workplaces, there will be fewer spaces to cool, light, and heat. This reduces the environmental impact.  

The advantages in terms of sustainability and energy saving of digital libraries & Digital Repositories  

  • Making Digital Library and Digital repository material available online, reduce commuting time of the users to access documents.  
  • The creation of new DL and IR has the advantage of making online services available to citizens/users who have the opportunity to access materials without having to access the library premises.   
  • Digital Libraries and digital repositories help to reduce library’s management and energy’s costs: heating or air conditioning of the premises.  
  • In these times of energy saving, the institutions/ administrations that make choices in the direction of making online services available follow a sustainable direction and attention to costs, enhancing the services themselves.  

Hosted Solution (SaaS)  

  • 4Science hosting solutions rely on the AWS cloud system.
  • 4Science, as a AWS partner, supports The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI) that helps researchers, scientists, and innovators around the world advance their work on sustainability-related research. (Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative – Amazon Sustainability (aboutamazon.com)  
  • The Dublin AWS center used by 4Science runs 100% with wind power energy.
  • AWS plans on running all its cloud warehouses with green energy by 2025.    
  • All new 4Science installations hosted on AWS use ARM/graviton architecture servers that are greener than traditional solutions based on x86/AMD architectures.  
  • With the shared hosted solution, the institutions will save on energy costs rather than run their own machines 24/7 thanks to a scalable and optimized solution.

Prices vary depending on the solution adopted and the level of customization.

For a detailed quotation, please contact us: