dspace add-ons

Why do we create Add-On modules?

4Science has been constantly designing and developing new DSpace-compatible add-ons to improve and enrich the repository experience of users and administrators. The add-on modules create a more personalized, detailed, and unique repository experience based on the institution’s needs.

The #makeITopen project

The values of the MakeITopen project

4Science is part of the DSpace Community and shares its fundamental and most important value: openness! 
All Clients who adopt our add-ons are also “Supporters”: their kick-starter contributions enable the release towards Open Source for the benefit of the whole Community.
In fact, 4Science is committed to cooperate with the Community to bring its new modules for the benefit of all, as soon as the costs of designing, developing, and managing the functionality have been fully covered.

How it works
For each add-on, thanks to a single one-time contribution from each early adopter, 4Science makes the add-on code itself readily available to the adopter: the contribution represents a small portion of the costs of design, future development, maintenance and management of the module.

I want to become a supporter and contributor: when do I get the code?
As soon as the adopting institution donates its contribution, it immediately has access to the source code and all future updates that will be made to ensure full compatibility of the module itself with DSpace and its -CRIS and -GLAM extensions.

What happens if, at some point in the future, 4Science drops the Roadmap for an add-on? The code of any Client who has adopted that module will be readily released in total transparency, and the Community can of course support and maintain it in full independence.

The more supporters there are, the faster the modules will be available in Open Source for the entire Community. 
Adopt an add-on that will enrich your platform to contribute to the road to Openness!


Add image visualization features to your DSpace.


“Adopt the following modules to support the road to Openness”

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IIIF Advanced Image Viewer

Use an international standard to work with image collections

Document Viewer

Access and work on full documents with index and pages

OCR & Transcription

Search any word in your digitized documents

Video/Audio Streaming

Symplify access and reuse of audio/video content

Analytics & Reporting

Powerful set of tools for Data Analysis,
Reporting and Graphical

Network Lab

Generate dynamic graphs to explore&discover relationships between people, documents, places and other entities


Enhance users UX for public visualization and administrators UX for data collection

Data Quality

Check and manage duplicates and create a duplicate-free repository

Content & Usage Statistics

Monitor how users interact with the repository and create charts representing content

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