4Science is a proud Gold sponsor of Open Repositories 2023! Join us at this prestigious event to discover how we can revolutionize your institution’s approach to Open Science. With our engaging presentations, interactive workshops, and expert team, we are here to help you harness the full potential of #OpenScience. Don’t miss the chance to visit our booth and explore the possibilities of collaborating with 4Science! 

Cutting-Edge Presentations 

At Open Repositories, we are excited to share our latest innovations and insights with you. Our Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Andrea Bollini, and Business Development Manager, Irene Buso, will take the stage to present the following topics: 

  1. DSpace-CRIS: Transforming Research & Information Management: Explore the state-of-the-art tool that empowers institutions to effectively manage research output, publications, and scholarly information.  
  1. Enhancing Discoverability with COAR Notify Protocol in DSpace 7: Discover how integrating the COAR Notify Protocol into DSpace 7 can boost the visibility and accessibility of your repository’s content.  
  1. Preserving and Showcasing Digital Cultural Landscapes with DSpace: Immerse yourself in the world of Digital Cultural Landscapes as we demonstrate how DSpace can preserve and present rich multimedia collections.  
  1. Seamless Platform Migration with DSpace 7: Real Experiences and Solutions: Gain valuable insights into successful platform migration by learning from real experiences, challenges, and effective solution formulas.  

Engage with Us 

While attending Open Repositories, don’t forget to visit our booth! Our team of experts is eager to engage in inspiring conversations and understand your institution’s unique Open Science challenges. Discover how 4Science’s innovative solutions can help you achieve your goals. Whether you need personalized advice, solution demonstrations, or collaborative opportunities, we are here to support you. 

So Don’t wait! Join 4Science at Open Repositories 2023 to unlock the power of Open Science! Together, let’s shape the future at Open Repositories 2023! 

For more information about our presentations and to plan your schedule, please visit the Open Repositories 2023: Open Repositories 2023 – ConfTool Pro – BrowseSessions 

We look forward to meeting you at Open Repositories 2023!