4Science is pleased to announce that the migration to OJS3 of the journals platform of the Università Statale di Milano Riviste UniMI has been completed. This is the first adoption of OJS3 by a large multi-journal platform in Italy (41 journals and 3 monographic series).
The initiative was born in 2008 at the behest of the current rector, Professor Elio Franzini. The great visibility of the platform has allowed the establishment of interesting collaborations with foreign publishers (translation of volumes), authors (requests to be able to reuse images, data, or parts of published articles), and the proposal of articles from all over the world.
The Università Statale di Milano, in supporting this precious, rich and multifaceted publishing activity, also intended as a participatory effort of the 44 editorial offices that commit free time and resources to a common project, expresses at best with its platform of journals the concept of Diamond Open Access, that is, a flavor of open access that has no costs for readers and no costs for authors and that is supported by the institution and work of all the editorial offices.
The technical part has been taken care of by 4science, which also carries out the hosting and maintenance activities. 4Science is an active contributor to OJS and a Strategic Partner of the PKP.