As DSpace certified Platinum provider, major contributor to DSpace and leading DSpace 7 committers we are pleased to announce with Lyrasis and the DSpace community the DSpace Annual Report 2022. This year was fulfilled with many great changes in the DSpace community starting with the release of DSpace 7 upgrades. DSpace 7 was the largest release in DSpace history with more than 1 million lines of new code. 4Science as leading DSpace 7 committers, we are very excited about all the achievements and the bright future to come. As cited in the report


“The DSpace Service Providers are crucial to the success of the global DSpace Community, and they are involved in defining priorities and the strategic direction of DSpace”


The Dspace community is always improving and evolving welcoming new members every year as well as increasing the worldwide number of installations. We are very proud to be part of this great community, especially for all the hard work that our team put to develop a great platform such as DSpace 7 and the following upgrades through the year. At 4science we believe in a continuous improvement of our services and our goal is to anticipate the future making it more accessible. The 4Science and DSpace community’s hard work, dedication, and contributions are the pillars of Dspace’s success. We will not stop improving creating a future more open, fair, secure, and accessible.

Thank you for all the great results that this community achieved during 2022. 

See the Annual Report