A new opportunity for add-ons that we call, the #makeITopen campaign, could represent a turning point in the Community support services already offered by 4Science.

At 4Science we truly believe in the value of openness and we are committed to release in open source everything we develop. In order to do so, we need the Community support and participation.

The new approach will allow institutions, interested in using the add-ons and the new modules developed by 4Science, to access the source code, contributing for just a fraction of their value and participating in choices for functional evolution. More information at: http://www.4science.it/en/dspace-add-ons/.

Your contributions will help to achieve the target needed for the open source release. Every transaction will be transparent according to the basic principles of our Community. When released as open source, each add-on module will enrich DSpace functionality for everybody, so let’s work together to make DSpace more and more valuable!