We’re thrilled for the release of DSpace 7.6, a major milestone in our journey to empower open access and scholarly communication. With new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, this release solidifies DSpace as a leading digital repository software. 

4Science worked and directly donated to this major 7.6 release these features: 

  • Signposting support: Embeds signposting links and metadata, aligning with FAIR principles for enhanced interoperability and data reuse. 
  • Import Simple Archive Format Zip files from a remote URL: Easily import Simple Archive Format Zip files, expanding data ingestion possibilities. 
  • Bulk Access Management: allows administrators to perform bulk modifications to the permissions of objects they administer.  This allows for the ability to add/remove embargoes or other access restrictions to many objects at once. (With the support of University of Cambridge)

 Highlights of the new DSpace 7.6 features: 

  • Primary Bitstream selection: Similar to version 6.x, users can choose a Primary Bitstream for archived items, providing greater control over digital assets. 
  • Item counts for Communities/Collections: Gain insights into collection sizes and make data-driven decisions with item count display. 
  • Browse Hierarchical Controlled Vocabularies: Quickly browse and search items using configured controlled vocabulary, boosting discoverability. 
  • Streamlined submission forms: Map Item submission forms via Entity Type, simplifying configuration for Collections accepting the same Entity Type. 
  • Improved performance: Upgraded user interface with Angular 15 and bug fixes for browse, search, submission forms, statistics, permissions, administrative tools, and “Request a Copy” feature. 
  • Enhanced language support: Now available in French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese, promoting inclusivity. 

Looking Ahead: DSpace 8.0 is slated for release in 2024. Join us in shaping the future of DSpace by contributing to the DSpace Development Fund or volunteering as a developer. 

Let’s work together to build a stronger scholarly ecosystem with DSpace! Explore the detailed Release Notes for the complete list of changes and contributors. 

For more info regarding DSpace 7.6: release notes 

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