Jisc’s Publications Router can now populate RIOXX metadata fields in repositories using recent versions of DSpace, thanks to a new patch developed in collaboration with 4Science.

For UK institutions, the Router service works with publishers to capture articles, match them to their authors’ institutions and deliver them directly into the relevant repositories.

Latest versions

This new RIOXX functionality for the latest versions of DSpace (5.10+, 6.3+) enables additional RIOXX-specific functionality in these repositories, and allows Router to populate RIOXX-compliant metadata.

New patch

Collaboration with 4Science, who have developed the relevant patches for the latest DSpace versions, means that Router can now deliver the full richness of RIOXX metadata fields (as well as full-text articles) into recent versions of DSpace. The new functionality also supports compliance with the current requirements of Research Excellence Framework (REF) in the UK, enabling institutions to demonstrate the value of their research to their funders.

It complements the existing patch, which will continue to be available for earlier versions of DSpace, enabling Router to populate RIOXX metadata in DSpace versions 5.7 and 5.8.

The new patch features:

  • a simplified installation procedure;
  • a new RIOXX metadata registry, added with a number of new fields, not affecting existing metadata schemas or items;
  • a new RIOXX OAI-PMH endpoint, to allow external harvesters to harvest repository metadata in the RIOXX compliant format;
  • a new SWORD V2 endpoint, to allow for RIOXX-compliant SWORD V2 ingests into DSpace.

The patch and its documentation are available at: https://github.com/4Science/rioxxintegration/.

Using the patch with Router

Details of which patch to use for which version of DSpace will shortly be added to the start-up guide on Router’s web site.

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(from Steve Byford’s blog post at Jisc)

If you’re at a UK institution and would like to benefit from this new functionality from Router in your DSpace repository, do get in touch with us at dspace@4science.it, so we can support you in getting started.