What an incredible day for the DSpace Community and 4science!

Just yesterday, version 7.1. of DSpace was released with several updates and improvements, fully supported by our important contributions (item versioning, IIIF, rationalisation of the use of entities, performance improvements, and security patches, see below for more details) and today 4science is already accompanying the first Client ever on their brand-new Repository. Middle Tennessee State University is now running on DSpace 7.1, take a look here: https://jewlscholar.mtsu.edu/home !

We are delighted with this milestone, as we strive to help our customers stay one step ahead technologically, together with the entire Community.
In the words of our own customers… it’s official: at 4science, we rock! #OpenScience #OpenSource #DSpace #4Science

We are pleased to announce the release of DSpace 7.1. With the release of DSpace 7.0 earlier in August, we, the community, are committed to provide timely updates to provide new features, security & bug fixes to the 7.x platform.

The 7.1 release meets our technical roadmap to resolve three Tier 1 priorities. Additional donated features and improvements are also included in this release.

New and improved features include:

  • Support for importing Project Entities with funding information via the OpenAIRE API (Donated by Paulo Graça)

Security fix:

  • [HIGH] CVE-2021-41189: In 7.0, a Community or Collection Admin could escalate their permissions to become a full Administrator. A quick fix is also provided for sites running 7.0. (Reported by Andrea Bollini of 4Science)

[…] A total of 27 individuals contributed to 7.1, with major institutional contributions coming from 4Science and Atmire.

For a full list of changes and contributors in 7.1, see our Release Notes.

Would you like to volunteer towards 7.2 development? Volunteer developers are welcome to contribute any feature (listed in any priority Tier or prior approved) to the 7.2 release. These donated features will be included in the 7.2.  Please get in touch with Tim Donohue or add a comment to an existing issue ticket if you wish to volunteer time toward improving DSpace 7.x.

Click to Download DSpace 7.1.

Thank you!

The DSpace Community

(*) 4Science added many capabilities to the initial support for IIIF, making them available for free from our IIIF Image Viewer add-on module for DSpace: https://www.4science.it/en/iiif-image-viewer/. This add-on offers many other services and features that are useful/needed for large libraries / digitization project. Its development and distribution is based on an institutional funding model, so when we cover our initial investment, code will be released free for the community.

(**) Thanks to the long term experience in supporting complex data models, 4Science was able to bring clarity and improve usability in the new DSpace 7 Configurable Entities, donating functionalities and approaches originally developed in DSpace-CRIS.