4Science is delighted to announce that version 7 
of the most widely adopted open-source solution
for research data and information management
is finally available!
DSpace-CRIS is a comprehensive, free and open-source Research Information Management System (CRIS/RIMS), adopted by a significant number of institutions worldwide.

It is based on DSpace, which enables organisations like Universities and Research Institutions to manage their publications and their data.

DSpace-CRIS provides distinct and additional functionality, in particular an extended data model (Dublin Core / CERIF oriented) and the opportunity to collect, connect and share data from the entire Research ecosystem (papers, journals, people, organisation units, projects etc.) in a single solution: secure, robust, fully integrated and interoperable.

With DSpace-CRIS 7, 4Science is delighted to announce a number of key enhancements which improve the flexibility, integration, data quality and accuracy of DSpace-CRIS:

  • Full ORCID v3 integration (push/pull information)
  • Integration with dozen external data sources, including commercial ones, to retrieve bibliographic and bibliometric data
  • Support for decentralised management, self-service researcher profile management and approval workflows
  • Aligned to the latest OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Repositories, Data Archives and CRIS Managers
  • Data quality tools ensure that your information is always complete and accurate

These enhancements with DSpace-CRIS 7 build on the new DSpace 7 architecture, featuring a new Angular UI and a fully-featured REST API.

4Science would like to thank the PeruCRIS project, the SynsiCRIS project and Hamburg University of Technology for their contributions to DSpace-CRIS 7. 

Join the international community of leading institutions using DSpace-CRIS

More information: https://wiki.lyrasis.org/display/DSPACECRIS/DSpace-CRIS+Home

Explore DSpace-CRIS 7 here: https://dspacecris7.4science.cloud/

Enjoy a video presentation of DSpace-CRIS: https://youtu.be/L5zEZvILgGQ

Released on 2nd June 2021