Hello everyone!

4Science welcomes the new DSpace 7.2 release!

Also thanks to volunteer work donated by 4Science to the Community, DSpace  7.2 performances have substantially increased especially in the indexing area. 

Continuing the tradition of DSpace-CRIS to bring innovation to DSpace, the brand-new OpenID Connect (OIDC) Authentication Plugin has been ported from the DSpace-CRIS project by Hardy Pottinger of California Digital Library with our support. 

But there’s more; thanks to the DSpace community funding, 4Science has developed for DSpace 7.2 also the following relevant improvements:

  • Possibility to add Item Embargoes / Restrictions in Submission
  • New feedback Form
  • Enhancements for searches with invalid syntax or special characters

DSpace is continuously improving, thanks to the support of the Community and thanks to donors who allow us to support the efforts for the benefit of all adopters.

Once again, proud to be part of it.

4Science is one of the two leading contributors to DSpace 7, a Certified Partner of DSpace and a Trusted Cloud Provider of the Cloud Security Alliance.