At 4Science, we are proud to be leaders in the DSpace and DSpace-CRIS communities. Our commitment to providing solutions that fit every institution’s needs is evident in the release of DSpace-CRIS 7.5. We are excited to announce this new release, that aligns with DSpace 7.5 and comes with key enhancements that make it the perfect solution for your institution’s needs.

Check out the DSpace 7.5 release notes for more information. 

The key enhancements of DSpace-CRIS 7.5 are: 

  1. Full Alignment with DSpace 7.5: Seamlessly integrate with the latest DSpace version, unlocking advanced features and capabilities.
  1. Enhanced Social Sharing: We have replaced AddThis with AddToAny, a robust social plugin manager that empowers seamless content sharing across multiple platforms. Amplify your reach and engage with a wider audience effortlessly.
  1. Simplified Configuration: Effortlessly export your current CRIS layout configuration as a reusable xls file, streamlining the setup process and ensuring consistency throughout your institution’s workflow.
  1. Customizable Explore Sections: Take complete control over configuring the explore sections under the hierarchical menu. Tailor the user experience to perfectly match your institution’s unique needs, making navigation intuitive and seamless.
  1. Bug Fixes: Our dedicated team has diligently addressed and resolved any reported issues, ensuring a smooth and error-free user experience. Experience unparalleled reliability and efficiency with DSpace-CRIS 7.5.

DSpace-CRIS 7.5 is the perfect solution for your institution’s needs, providing key enhancements that make it easier to manage and showcase content. At 4Science, we are committed to providing solutions that fit every institution’s needs, and this new release is a testament to that commitment. To learn more about DSpace-CRIS 7.5, follow the link provided, and see how it can help your institution today! 

The next release DSpace-CRIS 2023.02.00 LTS is expected by September 2023.

For more information about DSpace-CRIS: Product RoadMap – DSpace-CRIS – LYRASIS Wiki 

For a short Video about DSpace-CRIS: