4Science is inviting you to test DSpace 7 Beta 5, join us for the Testathon (ending on 7th May 2021).

What is a testathon? We ask for anyone using (or planning to use) DSpace to help us test, report and mend bugs within the latest beta. The Testathon is a community effort to review the program before it is labeled a stable release. Please make a few hours of your time available! Check here how to contribute.

DSpace 7 Beta 5 is featuring a lot of new and exciting features, together with fixes and optimization to make it stable and lead towards the 7.0 release. 4Science is a major contributor to DSpace 7. For the Beta 5, 4Science contributed especially with accessibility and UX, automatic extraction of data from external sources (e.g. BibTex files, PubMed), ORCID v3 lookup of author names, Sherpa/Romeo lookup for publishers and journals, improvements to the “mydspace” (performance, workspace search and workflow by terms) and much more: check the release notes of Beta 5 to see a full list of what’s new.