4Science, together with the DSpace community, is pleased to announce the release of DSpace 7.4. As the fifth release in the last year: we are proudly committed to delivering timely updates helping to provide new features & security to the DSpace platform!  

4Science prides itself to be a leading contributor to DSpace 7, a Certified Partner of DSpace and a Trusted Cloud Provider of the Cloud Security Alliance.  

What have we included for you in this new release?   

Thanks to the 4Science support to the community in this release we included: 

  • Donation to the community of Support for Google Captcha on “New user registration” feature. 
  • The 4Science team contributed directly to the new DSpace (Angular) User Interface in this release 
  • The 4Science team also contributed to the DSpace backend (REST API, Java API, OAI-PMH, etc.) 

Other upgrades of the DSpace 7.4 platform available thanks to the work of all the community include: 

  • Support for Markdown and MathJax in Item abstracts.  Support for line breaks in all metadata fields. 
  • Support for Remote Handle Resolver now included, allowing for Handle Server to be run remotely. 
  • Enhanced support for Amazon S3 as a storage location, including support for IAM Roles.  
  • Allow for deletion of old Processes from the Admin UI.  Bulk deletion script (process-cleaner) also available. 
  • Request a Copy can now be sent to multiple recipients at once  

DSpace is continuously improving, thanks to the support of the Community and thanks to donors who allow us to support the efforts for the benefit of all adopters.   

We are very proud of the community and the developments we have accomplished together! 

DSpace 7.5 will be released in February 2023. While the scope of this release is still being finalized, we welcome contributions from anyone 

You’ll also find a full list of changes and contributors in 7.4 here Release Notes – DSpace 7.x Documentation – LYRASIS Wiki 

Download DSpace 7.4 today!