4Science and the DSpace community are always working together to improve and develop better and sustainable solutions for the management of digital objects, whether they are research products or cultural heritage. Thanks to the efforts of our team, the Dspace version 7.3 has a complete/bidirectional integration with ORCID. This feature allows for authentication via ORCID, as well as synchronizing data between ORCID and DSpace, via the usage of Researcher Profiles. You can find functional and technical documentation here: https://wiki.lyrasis.org/display/DSDOC7x/ORCID+Integration. 

This integration has been developed and donated to the DSpace community by 4Science, thanks to the long experience gained with DSpace-CRIS and working with the ORCID community over many years and 4Science being qualified as a Certified Provider of ORCID 

We are enormously proud of our work and our leadership in the DSpace community that we constantly support trying to solve present problems to build a better future together.